Teslianum Almanac 2022


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The Fifth number of the TESLIANUM Almanac represents the rounding of our journey in the discovery of the image, work, and heritage of Nikola Tesla; and this time in a unique way and through the element of the highest cognizance, the comprehension of ourselves, the comprehension of Nature and the discovery of Space. The fifth number is dedicated to the fifth element – the Ether, Akasha, the Zero Point Field, Quintessence, and all those knowledge that in a miraculous way in these challenging times have been rediscovered on this significant element. On questions about how we wish to live and act – as a Reactor Man, as Transformator Man, or as a generator Man, we are offering our insights for your knowledge and thinking. Nikola Tesla was a model Generator Man, a genius creator and a visionary creator. The way Nikola tesla observed and worked with ether, what has been written about it, and how can we apprehend this deeper and with even more quality, in relation to the times we are living in today? The fifth element of our Almanac shows all the Power of the present moment, regardless of when this present moment is happening.

Mirjana Prljevic
Author of TESLIANUM Almanac