Why are young people leaving Serbia and the region, and not only young people? Why so many? Young people are leaving, slightly older and more mature people are leaving, professional people are leaving, educated people are leaving…and so it has been for the last few decades. Of course, migrations have always existed for centuries, but what happens to the perception of our own state, the system you all live in and you feel like you don’t belong there when you get so much education that they tell you that you are too qualified for the job you are applying for, when do they tell you that you are redundant in your own city and country?


One of the answers that run through our surveys dedicated to this question is WITHOUT PERSPECTIVE. This word also means discouragement, apathy, unemployment, aimlessness, underdevelopment, social exclusion, alienation, and so many other difficult to accept, but very close to real feelings of non-belonging to the system in which we are living.

This project wants to provide the best PERSPECTIVE of understanding, how our potentials can contribute to the development of ourselves and the society in which we live. We need activism of ourselves, both at the local level and on all world meridians where our people live and work.

From Belgrade to Hawaii, from Canada to Saudi Arabia and China, from France and Russia to Africa, from Alaska to Egypt and Australia, from Singapore to England, we are on all meridians and we are successful. Let’s share the human values ​​and business knowledge we carry with us because that’s the only way we increase them.


To answer the question of how to improve mutual business, we challenge significant market development by combining our own potentials and strengths. We invite you all to meet us at TESLA SQUARE – The crossroads that brings us encounters with those who know how to be successful in their business, what knowledge do you derive from yourself to be the right one for the job you do, how to fit in today’s time of serious challenges and turbulence, how to communicate and feel needed by the community in which you live in, how to understand the process of digital transformation that is happening to us, what is the leadership today and what values ​​it brings?
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